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About us


Stitched was founded by three ladies, each with a different style, personality, and taste. They decided to share their differences and gather them under one roof. Despite how different they are, they have one thing in common; they have same vision. They set out to cater high quality, yet affordable  unique pieces of clothing tailored for girls and women of all ages.
Raised in a small community, they believed Beirut city needed a fashionable twist, a concept store with exclusive pieces. Stitched is a boutique in the hub of Beirut which caters high street labels from all over the world . Our lines include an impressive array of labels from emerging designers. 
We all know that shopping for women is a form of therapy, that is why “Stitched” stitches you back together when you are down, heartbroken, have woken up on the wrong side of the bed, and most importantly, when you want to put on that little something that turn heads. Whether you’re tall, short, curvy, or petite, we carry a selection that dresses everyone. Beirut, you’ve been stitched. 

The Founders 

Tara Assouad
Anouchka Chamassian
Tamara Kalaawi